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The Lois Schneider Realtor Hot List Tool

The Lois Schneider Realtor Realty Hotlist Tool is a desktop application that will send new listings that match your search criteria directly to your computer desktop!

Here’s how it works:

If you are not a registered LoisSchneiderRealtor.com user, you must register to begin the process. Once registered you may begin defining and saving searches, and any of your saved searches may be assigned to work with the “Hot List Tool”.

Simply click on the “Download Now” button on your account home page and follow the instructions (details below) to install the Hotlist Tool on your PC. Then, as new listings hit the market the Hotlist Tool will find them and deliver them straight to your computer’s desktop. You will always know what’s going on in the market!

Hot List Download Instructions:

  1. Step One: Register for a LoisSchneiderRealtor.com account

    Create your LoisSchneiderRealtor.com account and login
  2. Step Two: Start the download process

    Click the Hot List Tool INSTALL NOW button. The Hot List Tool uses "Adobe Air" which enables web applications to run on your desktop. The Hot List Tool will install this item first.

  3. Step Three: Adobe Air Terms of Use

    Next you will need to agree to the Adobe terms of use.

  4. Step Four: Install Adobe Air

    Adobe will install on your computer.

  5. Step Five: Install the Hot List Tool Program

    Next you will be prompted to install the Lois Schneider Realtor Hot List Tool. Click "INSTALL" to begin.

  6. Step Six: Installation Preferences

    The installer will then ask where on your computer you would like to save the application. The default is in your programs directory. You will also have the option to create a shortcut icon that will be placed on your desktop and a choice to start the application once the download and set-up are complete.

  7. Step Seven: Sign in to your account

    Once installed the Hot List Tool is installed it will automatically start (if you didn't uncheck the auto start box) and you will be presented with a login screen. Here you will enter your LoisSchneiderRealtor.com account information.

  8. Step Eight: Search Screen

    After you have logged in you will see the search screen. Here you can set the Hot List Tool to notify you of just listed properties that match one of your account saved searches, or you can set the Hot List Tool to search a custom set of paramaters.

  9. The Toast Window

    As new listings are added to the database, properties that match your selected search criteria will pop up from your task bar in the bottom right hand corner of your desktop. You can click though multiple listings, click a property to see a particular listings details at the LoisSchneiderRealtor.com website or your can click to view all the new properties that match your selected saved search.

  10. Minimize the Hot List Tool

    Once you have set your search critiria you can minimize the Hot List Tool by clicking the minimize window box. You can restore the Hot List Tool window by right clicking the system tray icon and choosing "restore". If you should quit the application, you can always restart by double clicking the icon on your desktop or by restarting the application via your program files directroy.

  11. Hot List Tool Update

    Occasionally, the Hot List Tool will download a new version. The Tool should do this on its own and restart once the update is complete.