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This Is the One - Kate and Glenn Hunzinger - Madison

When their daughter Charlotte was just two weeks old, Manhattanites Glenn and Kate Hunzinger began their search for a house in New Jersey, near Glenn's clients in the pharmaceutical industry.  "We were neophytes," said Kate, "with no in-depth knowledge of the area and no experience in home-buying at all."  Their Lois Schneider Realtor sales professional shepherded them through an introduction to the dynamics of the various towns in the area and provided insights into the pros and cons of each type of prospective home - fixer-upper vs. new build: vintage charm vs. contemporary amenities.  Six months and 30 viewings later, Glenn and Kate saw a 1942 classic Colonial in Madison and agreed, "This is the one.  This is our home!"  It was not yet listed, but their Realtor advised them to make an offer.  "She was so strategic about that part of the process.  Without her guidance, I'm not sure if we would have succeeded in getting our house.  We are still amazed at her total professionalism."

"Both Glenn and I have spent our careers in client service, so we know what goes into the whole process.  Throughout our home search we continued to be impressed with the level of care and attention that Lois Schneider Realtor provides," said Kate.










Racing "the Stork" - Victoria and Peter Dalena - Summit

Victoria Dalena was five months pregnant with her daughter when her husband, Peter, accepted a job offer in Summit, New Jersey.  That was a combination of good and bad news:  good news because Summit is Victoria's hometown, bad because the Dalenas were in London with just a few months to settle in a new home before the due date.  Lois Schneider Realtor came to the rescue.  "Before we even arrived, our Realtor had found us a corporate apartment and had a list of houses that matched the items on our 'must have' list ready for viewing."  There followed "five to six weeks of intensive searching" involving some 20 properties.  At last the perfect house on the perfect street in Summit was identified and, in spite of competitive bids, the Dalenas got it.  Four weeks before their daughter arrived, they closed and were home at last.

"We weren't savvy at all about home buying," said Victoria.  "Our Lois Schneider Realtor was so patient and so informative.  Without her knowledge of the market, I don't think we would ever have made that winning bid.  The whole thing could have been incredibly nerve-wracking, but she made it so smooth and gave us such confidence."












The Clients' Vision Is Our Top Priority:  Leslie Hsu and Greg Besner - Short Hills

Good "bones" and a good location near NJ Transit, those were the must-haves on the list of Leslie Hsu and Greg Besner. It took them more than two years  and dozens of presentations before they finally found their dream home in Short Hills. Leslie remembers it as  " love at first sight." Throughout the long house hunt, their Lois Schneider sales associate was there. "It was like working with a good friend," says Leslie, a busy handbag designer with two school-age daughters. "She respected our crowded personal schedules, never  showing us houses that were off the mark. She really 'got' us. No rush, no pressure, limitless patience and just great support and service throughout the process."










Understanding the Clients' Unique Needs:  Doug and Katie Harter - Madison

After ten years in Manhattan, the Harters, like so many young couples, wanted to move from New York City to the area of New Jersey where they both grew up.  With three children, one in a wheelchair, they needed a special kind of setting.  "We wanted a place where we could settle for a long time," says Katie, "and our vision was of a charming older home.  Most important, we were looking not only for a house but for a school that could serve our four-and-a-half year old's needs."  It was a year-long search but patience and persistence paid off.  Katie compliments the client care and focus that is the hallmark of the Lois Schneider team.  "Our sales associate really listened.  She only showed us properties that were a fit for us.  And she stuck with us showing after showing."

Their search ended happily on a leafy street in Madison but not in an old house after all.  Their Lois Schneider professional brought them to a beautiful, four-year-old home with vintage charm and ease of access.  "She really understood us perfectly!" says Katie.











Local Builder is an LSR Fan:  Bruce DeCesare, President, American Eagle Management - Summit 

"If I could sum up Lois Schneider Realtor in one word, that would be "phenomenal."  Each member of the team is a total professional," so says Bruce DeCesare, local builder and Lois Schneider Realtor client since 1999.  DeCesare has built over a dozen spec homes and sold them through the firm.  High on his list of the things he loves about LSR is their knowledge of the market, which has guided him to the right decision in everything from the design of his homes to the pricing and presentation of them.  "I won't even break ground on a project until I've talked with the Lois Schneider team," he says.

Lois Schneider Realtor proved their value to DeCesare during the market turndown of 2008.  "Things were not moving and they advised me to rent my new build.  Rent?  I was a little skeptical.  But I took their advice and a year later, my renters bought the home.  Thank you, LSR, for helping me come out on top in a tough market."










Connecting Newcomers with a Community:   Ann and Robert Rowe  -  Summit  

With their close proximity to major business centers, our towns attract many corporate transfers--nationally and internationally. The Rowes, formerly of Cleveland, Ohio, were typical of clients who have to "house hunt" via long distance. Lois Schneider Realtor's experience in relocation proved invaluable in their search not just for a new  home, but for a new community. "Our Realtor was so flexible," says Ann Rowe. "She was ready to accommodate us even on short notice. She was always respectful of our limited time, showing us only properties that met our specified needs.Plus her knowledge of the area was incredible." Once the Rowes and their two daughters were settled in  their new home in Summit, their Realtor continued the long-standing Lois Schneider practice of supporting newcomers with information about contractors, doctors, even hairstylists--all the resources a family needs to feel at home in a new area. "She didn't disappear after the closing," says Ann, "but kept in touch, introducing us to a network of people and recommending activities. This is so welcome when you've had a long-distance move far from family and old friends."